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Mark Hunter

Computer Science + Engineering

Hello 👋! Thanks for stopping by. I am Mark Hunter a software engineer passionate about developing solutions that fit customers needs and are systematically maintainable. I studied Computer Science and Computer Engineer at Northeastern University in Boston. Currently working a full-stack position at a startup in SF. I love learning and with my three co-ops (six-month internships) and full time experience, I have applied software engineering to power electronics, robotic warehouse solutions and real estate financing. These experiences have allowed me to explore different cities, try different companies and teams, and see different software engineering workflows. However, most importantly, these experiences have showed me the diversity in how software is written and used.

When not working, I enjoy exercising, biking, drinking & finding boba, and learning about programing languages and non-technical interests. I also am fond of traveling and exploring different cities and engaging in different cultures.



Computer Science and Computer Engineering (BSCompE)

Northeastern University
2015 - 2020 5 Year 3 Six-Month Co-Op

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Feel free to view my resume, LinkedIn, and or GitHub. I'd be happy to hear from you!

Send me an email at or call me at +1 603 498 3082